How Mosquitoes Spread Disease

A mosquito first must bite an infected person. That mosquito will “incubate” the virus for a little more than a week. After that week has passed, the mosquito becomes infectious and can make other people that it bites sick.

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Whether your property seems to have a lot of mosquitoes buzzing around it or perhaps you own a business near a source of water and are concerned about the potential for mosquito-borne diseases such as the Zika virus, now is the time to choose professional mosquito service in San Antonio.

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The Zika virus is not something you want to mess with. But Zika is one of several very serious mosquito-borne diseases which are now found in the state of Texas. You really need to be careful with mosquitoes these days, because you just never know. It just takes one bite from one mosquito carrying a disease to put you or your family in harm’s way. So it’s important to look to us for professional mosquito control service you can trust.

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Ease Your Fears About Mosquito-Borne Disease with Professional Mosquito Service in San Antonio

Your property has a real and present danger: mosquitoes. These pesky insects are not only blood-suckers; they carry disease, including diseases which could prove life-threatening. With the spread of such horrible diseases as the Zika virus, it’s now more important than ever to rely on professional mosquito service in San Antonio if you have mosquitoes buzzing around your property.

Here at Mosquito Max we’re happy to provide folks in San Antonio with protection against mosquitoes and the dangerous diseases they carry. Whether you have a lot of mosquitoes on your property and want to get rid of the conditions which are helpful for breeding or you simply want to make absolutely sure that your property is as protected from mosquitoes as possible, we at Mosquito Max have the professional mosquito service you need to ease the fears you have about mosquitoes and the dangerous diseases they carry.

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