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Protect your Family and Pets from the Danger and Nuisance of Mosquitoes & Ticks. Call Mosquito Max today! (210) 634-9200

Residential and Commercial Mosquito and other Pest Control Services

Mosquito Max provides effective mosquito control for your family & property in the San Antonio area. Our mosquito services are guaranteed to address and protect you against dangerous and annoying mosquitoes. We also have offer an effective barrier to control ticks and fleas. Call us to learn more: (210) 634-9200
mosquito spraying

Dedicated to eradicating those pesky mosquitoes from your yard.

We use one of the most effective barrier treatments available. Our technicians in the field get the job done, thoroughly and safely.

Contact our team and we can send a certified technician out to do a walk-through of your yard to recommend the best mosquito control solution for you.

Eliminate ticks and tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme disease on your property.

Mosquito-Max offers professional tick control services in San Antonio.

At Mosquito-Max, we offer an effective barrier spray treatment that kills adult ticks before they can do harm to your family and pets.

Our powerful barrier spray kills adult ticks quickly and effectively.  We also utilize tick tubes to control your properties tick population.  For a free consultation, contact our professional team today.

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Flea control on your property is extremely important.  Our flea control service will protect your pets and family from annoying fleas.

Fleas not only annoy pets such as dogs or cats, but can also carry diseases that can harm your family.  Contact us to learn about our flea control service.


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