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Call Us for Professional Mosquito Control for Your San Antonio Property

Mosquitoes are the enemy. There is no disputing that fact, especially for us in Texas. Zika virus, West Nile virus, and Chikungunya are just some of the diseases which are transmitted by mosquitoes. But even if you’re not afraid of these mosquito-caused diseases, then you can’t deny just how annoying a mosquito bite can be. [...]

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10 things to know as mosquito season begins in Central Texas

Texas mosquitoes may not be carrying the Zika virus (yet), but they do bring the risk of other illnesses. And, of course, they’re just an all-around nuisance. With April bringing the start of mosquito season, here’s what you should know about these prickly pests: 1. Their numbers are greater than you think. Texas has about [...]

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Most Common Illnesses You Get from Mosquito Bites

West Nile Virus Most people who get West Nile virus don't have any symptoms. About 1 in 5 will have a fever and other flu-like symptoms. Feeling worn out could take months to go away completely. A few people get a more serious infection that causes brain swelling, or meningitis. There's a very small chance you could die. People [...]

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Outdoors brings us together in celebration

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